For all affiliate's after being approved you have to promote the brand and promote you promo code. By others using your code and purchasing using the code is how we calculate your payment. Your Promo code must be used at least 2 to 5 times every week or your affiliate program account will removed from our program automatically. For your first week your code must be used at least 2 times or your account will be removed from our program as well. By joining this affiliate program you agree to the terms we have for our brand and you agree that you are over the age of 18 years old and or have parents permission to be an affiliate of our program. 

After being auto accepted you’re now a affiliate for our brand. You will be paid through PayPal and PayPal only, If you do not have a PayPal you will be asked to create one or your payments will be withheld until you have a PayPal account. If under the age of 18 we ask that you get parents permission to join our program. As we are not responsible if you don’t have or get your parents permission and you will be banned from our affiliate program and will not be paid due to breach of trust and contract.
If payment surpasses 1000$ USD You will either be sent a check through the mail or through PayPal minus of course PayPal’s service fee which go to them for using there platform. 

Normally your payment would be 10% of the purchased value but depending on each affiliate user it might be more or less. We also can terminate your Affiliate account at any point in time down the road with out your knowledge. Due to the high volume of affiliates we might terminate a few to maintain our affiliate program small and easy to manage. Please also read all of our terms and conditions that will be applicable to you after joining.

Any breach of our trust or our Policy/Terms and Conditions will lead to you being permanently Banned from our program and will not be given any commission.


Thank You and Welcome To The Team.